Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Athletics day

From Sprinting to shot put to throwing discus, yes i am talking about Athletics.  Every year around this time of year, PES has there annual Athletics day. It was amazing to see the out come of many parents that came to support there kids.

 Pt England school kids dress up in there house colours, Hokule'a ( Green), Hikianalia ( Yellow), Hine Moana (Blue)  and Te Aurere ( Red).  I was in green the best house. I was dressed up in green so i can represent my house. 

There were many events happening like Discus, Shot put, Javelin, volleyball and more.  My favourite event was the relays.  It was so hilarious to see the parents and teachers run.  The sad part was when one of the teachers tripped up and fell but they still carried on. 

Overall it was a awesome day. I am very sad that it is my last athletics in intermediate but very excited to start a new journey in college. :) 

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