Monday, 1 May 2017

What am i Looking forward to this term?

This term i am looking forward to a lot of things. What i am Looking to is Year 8 camp But also learning about our Inquiry for this Term. For term 2 I want to Improve in being a good Prefect and In my learning. Also to Many Activities Ahead. 

Year 8 Camp Here I come!!!
In Week 4 The whole of the year 8s are going on a leadership camp to learn more about Leadership. I am So excited to go on this leadership camp because we get to do many things like do activities & much more.

For Our Inquiry this term team 5 is focusing on now that's thinking. Our focus Question is what can we design, build, create or Change to improve life at PES. What i think is that we can change a lot of things. 

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