Friday, 5 September 2014

Use my brain, use my heart, i'm going to be Cybersmart

Use my brain, use my heart, I'm going to be Cybersmart means doing the right thing with your netbook, IPad and Computers. Mr Burt made it up so it can help people by doing the right thing.

Use my brain means like if you do the wrong thing then listen to your brain. For Example i'm on my netbook and i feel like going on a picture without anyone look on my screen and I think about it.

Use my heart mean how you feel about it.  For example you're on a site and you think about how you feel and if you don't feel right then don't go on it.

Cyber smart means doing the right thing. I think this is important because it will help you do the right thing  instead of doing the  Wrong thing. For example i'm on a computer and I have to be Cybersmart.

Use my brain, use my heart,  i'm going to be cybersmart will help you do the right thing every time and everywhere. Enjoy My writing.

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  1. Well done using paragraphs to structure your explanation Sulieti. Remember the word 'I' is always a capital.