Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Cross country

On a hot sunny day Pt England school had cross country. We all dressed up in our house colours I was in the green team and then had a little play. The 12:45 bell went and we all ran to class and took off our shoes and went to the counts.

When we got there we had a prayer to bless the day.
The race had  started and the year 1 girls got ready to run. Mr Burt said on your marks!! Get Set!! and use the clapper and off they went. Next the year 1 boys got ready to run.

I was waiting for all the year groups. Finally the year 5
girls got called out by Mr Jacobsen. We went to the start line and the clapper went and we all ran.

At the end the year 8 girls went. I felt happy because I tried my best.

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  1. I love how you started your recount with a descriptive sentence Sulieti.