Wednesday, 1 November 2017

AIM for Success!!!

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AIM for Success!! Do you know what AIM stands for? A stands for Aspiration, I stands for Inspiration and M stands for Motivation. This Morning we had the very awesome Andrew Patterson come to team 5 to talk about our futures. Aspiration, Inspiration and Motivation can mean many things. Aspiration means  hope or ambition of archiving something.  Inspiration is like your role model or who inspires you. My Parents and family inspires me to do more. Motivation - My family motivates me to do more. 

Be a giver not a taker. A really great example of this is of a young boy name Uili. For the last 2 weeks Uili gave his lunch and money to a homeless man. This homeless man was crying because everything was falling apart, He had been kicked out of his house, He divorced his wife and had no job. This homeless man was really grateful that Uili had done this, so he walked with Uili to school and told the school what he had done. They were very proud of what he did. Uili got a gold certificate just because he was thinking of the man.  Here is a link if you want to know more. Uili and the homeless guy

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