Sunday, 31 December 2017

Goodbye 2017 hello 2018

Happy new years bloggers, 2017 has been one of my favourite years. I am so glad to be a Pt Englander.  2017 has come to an end and i am ready for 2018. I am looking forward to making new friends but most of all, is going to a new school in a new country. Pt England School is the best School in Auckland to me. I am very thankful for meeting the wonderful teachers, making memories with my friends but most of all for being prefect for 2017. I hope you are all having a good break from school also a good holiday. Thank you lord for 2017 and for 8 years here at Pt England school. 

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Our very own made up nursery rhyme.

Humpty Dumpty was so ill, so Jack and Jill went up the hill, to grab the awesome doctor named Phil. But jack fell down and broke his crown, and Jill came tumbling after. Up got Jack and said to Jill wasn't it a Coincidence that we both fell down the hill.    

Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall but Jack n Jill pushed him off  and Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. Discreetly Jack and Jill had put Humpty's parts in the rubbish bin so they don't get caught. But accidentally Jill blurted out ”I can't believe we killed Humpty ”.   

All the king's horses and all the king’s men had just observed what Jill had said, they saw Humpty lying there dead. They pondered about what Jill had done well jack spun back to the dump and gathered Humpty’s pieces near a farm.

Jack had put Humpty back together again and took him to the King’s men, they gave back Jill and paid their bill and went on back to do their drill.

TASK: The task was to choose a well known nursery rhyme and using the same characters in the nursery we had to write alternative plot to the story. We also had to use these 5 words Coincidence, observed, blurted, discreetly and ponder in our writing.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Athletics day

From Sprinting to shot put to throwing discus, yes i am talking about Athletics.  Every year around this time of year, PES has there annual Athletics day. It was amazing to see the out come of many parents that came to support there kids.

 Pt England school kids dress up in there house colours, Hokule'a ( Green), Hikianalia ( Yellow), Hine Moana (Blue)  and Te Aurere ( Red).  I was in green the best house. I was dressed up in green so i can represent my house. 

There were many events happening like Discus, Shot put, Javelin, volleyball and more.  My favourite event was the relays.  It was so hilarious to see the parents and teachers run.  The sad part was when one of the teachers tripped up and fell but they still carried on. 

Overall it was a awesome day. I am very sad that it is my last athletics in intermediate but very excited to start a new journey in college. :) 

Monday, 13 November 2017


This week we have been focusing on word problems for our up coming gloss test. I have completed all my problems so i can post it on here. Please feel free to comment and read my problems. 

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

AIM for Success!!!

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AIM for Success!! Do you know what AIM stands for? A stands for Aspiration, I stands for Inspiration and M stands for Motivation. This Morning we had the very awesome Andrew Patterson come to team 5 to talk about our futures. Aspiration, Inspiration and Motivation can mean many things. Aspiration means  hope or ambition of archiving something.  Inspiration is like your role model or who inspires you. My Parents and family inspires me to do more. Motivation - My family motivates me to do more. 

Be a giver not a taker. A really great example of this is of a young boy name Uili. For the last 2 weeks Uili gave his lunch and money to a homeless man. This homeless man was crying because everything was falling apart, He had been kicked out of his house, He divorced his wife and had no job. This homeless man was really grateful that Uili had done this, so he walked with Uili to school and told the school what he had done. They were very proud of what he did. Uili got a gold certificate just because he was thinking of the man.  Here is a link if you want to know more. Uili and the homeless guy

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Being a role model

What it means to be a good role model.
Title - What you will be explaining
Introduction - Tell your audience what the topic is about and what is to be explained.
Information - Explain the elements or steps in a logical sequence
Conclusion - Final summarising statement, an evaluation or comment about what you have explained.

What is a good role model?
What is a good role model? A good role model, is always showing a good example towards others. Being there for them when they need it and also just being yourself.
1st idea
What it means to be a role model? Being a role model means, Encouraging others when they need it the most or all the time. Being positive to others and tell other people to never give up at their hardest time. If your positive around people, they will think that your a awesome role model.
2nd idea
What makes a good role model? A good role model is someone who is always confident, calm and positive in themselves. You don't want someone who is negative and who tries to bring you down. Everybody likes a person who is always happy about their achievements, but always aiming for bigger things in life.  
3rd idea
Who is my role model?  My role model is the lady who brought me up and works so hard to put food on the table for me and  my family.  For the last 13 years of my life, My mum has been there for me She has encouraged me all the way with everything, When my dad passed away, She had to play the Father and mother role at the same time. So I am very grateful. She is a lady who I admire so much just cause she is being herself.
I have many role models who have encouraged me all the way. My role models here at school are all the teachers in team 5 because of their hard work of teaching us everyday. These are the reason about What is a good role model, What makes a good role model and Who is my role model.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Have Your Say

Good Afternoon bloggers, 
This week Team 5 has been focusing on '' ELECTIONS " Yayyyyy. The task was to Complete this Presentation by the end of the week. Elections is when The people of their country have there say on who should be the new PM. I hope Labour wins.