Tuesday, 24 March 2015

awsome Year 5 and 6 camp!!!

Have you ever been to camp at school before? Well every single year the year 5s  and 6s  get the opportunity to sleep in tents on camp.  This is how it went down.
Well It was our 25th anniversary for the year 5 and 6 camp. In  1991 that is when the whole year 5 and 6 camp started. In camp we get to do activities and have lots of fun.
One of my favorite highlights was kayaking with Mrs Graden. There were only 1 rule it was foot, bum and foot. Foot, bum and foot is when you put your right foot in the kayak then bum and then your other foot. I felt really nervous going on a kayaking. But Lucky I went on a double with one of my friends.
Another of my favorite highlights is when we went to mangere pools. It was sad for everyone because it was our last day on camp. But were lucky to go to the pools. My favorite part was swimming in the deep pool with my friends.
Also the bombing pool, heaps of kids did lots of flips and bombs.  
I felt happy because it learnt a lot and how to  kayak. I learnt that camp was really fun and how to wish that i could go 
2 weeks ago it was our year 5 and 6 camp. Our task was asking us to write a body paraghrap about camp. Also to write another 2 body paragrahp.

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