Friday, 22 September 2017

Manaiakalani 2017

Our Annual  Manaiakalani film Festival is coming up!!! Ever since 2007 we have been apart of Manaiakalani. My Class is making a movie this year. Our movie is based on Slow motion. Each kid in our room has a role to play. I didn't really have a role so this year I am Presenting for my class. I am very Nervous about Presenting in front of a lot of kids, Especially in front of the all the Manaiakalani Clusters Schools. 

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So far i have enjoyed filming with my class, we have done a lot of filming.  It took a couple of weeks but at the end It finally finished.  We kind of had a sneak Peak of our movie yesterday and we really enjoyed it. I think It might be one of the funniest movies at Manaiakalani. 

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