Friday, 8 July 2016

Winter Learning Journey

During the ancient Olympic Games, men were allowed to compete in the events but women were not. In fact, women were often forbidden from even watching the games. In your opinion, is this a fair rule? Why or why not? On your blog please tell us what you think about this interesting rule.

During the  Ancient time of the Olympics games,  Women's weren't allowed to compete in the events. What i think women should compete in the olympics because it is sad like i mean the Woman's should be Recognized for Representing their Countries. I dont think it is a fair rule because like i said before Girls or woman should be Recognized for Representing their Countries.

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  1. Hi Sulieti,

    Welcome to the Winter Learning Journey! I am so happy to see that you have decided to join the journey and blog with us this holiday. It's a lot of fun!

    I can tell that you will have a lot of interesting things to say in your posts, given the thought that you put into this activity. I completely agree with you that both men and women should have the opportunity to participate in the Olympic Games. They are both very capable of competing and should be able to represent their countries, their families and themselves at an elite event like the Olympics! Fortunately, the modern day Olympic committee agrees with us and they have changed the rules so that both men and women are welcome. Yay!

    Speaking of the modern day Olympics, I am getting very excited to watch the footage from the Rio Olympics. Are you? I am hoping to catch both the men and the women from New Zealand competing in a variety of sports. Some of my favourites are swimming, diving and gymnastics. What about you?

    Hope that you're able to keep on blogging this holiday! I'll check back on Thursday to see if you've had time to post another Winter Learning Journey activity blog.

    Cheers, Rachel