Friday, 17 June 2016

Netball With the Northern Mystics

On the 7th of June it was a hot sunny day the Jets, Force and Princesses trained with 3 of  Northern Mystics. Can you Believe it? When we got the news that Kayla Cullen, Megan Craig and Nadia Loveday were Coming we were all excited. So the Day was here we got to meet Kayla, Megan & Nadia. When i first saw Megan  She was really tall, Her height is 203cm.  So we started Training with the Girls, We did Drills, Played Octopus and Stuck in the mud to Warm up. We got Split up into 3 teams, I was in the 3rd team. So it was time for Relay. It was a practice and then the real Thing. The Netball had to go Around their Waist, then hop on the Green Mats & and go Under the Legs. The last ones to finish has to Do Pushups.   Straight After we were split into 2 teams again so we can start our practice with the Profession. My team we did in & out Passes. In & out is when someone goes in the middle and then Passes the ball to the Person in front of them. Then they Pass the ball to the Person that they Passed it to has to run to the Middle. Kayla Said we had to do 30 Passes but if we Drop the ball then everyone has to do 10 Pushups. So everyone Tried  not to Drop the ball. So we tried and tried not to Drop the ball but at the end we had to. So the Practice Ended. Megan and Kayla Had to go. For the Last Round We Played Stuck in the Mud Until she had to Go.

 Here are some Facts about The 3 Girls that came to Practice with Use.

  • Megan Craig was Born in Lower hutt. She is 203cm Tall. She Plays Netball and Basketball. Her Position for Netball is Goal Shot.
  • Kayla Cullen was Born in Auckland. She is 184cm Tall. Her Position is  WD GD & C.Her Role Model is her Dad and she was 2011 Young Player of the year.
  • Nadia Loveday was Born in Otahuhu. She is 172cm tall. Her Role Model is her Grandad. Her Position is Wing Attack and Center.

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