Tuesday, 3 May 2016

As I see it

As i see it!!

It is Monday, I'm walking to school and im really tired from Church but is excited for school. We are all finally back at school and we are excited well some of us. To Begin this awesome term our school Started off with Immersion assembly. Each team is learning about different things. Team 1 is going to be learning about Favourite things and what they like. Team 2 is going to learn about seasons which i s spring, Winter, Summer and Autumn. Team 3 is learning about Architectures. Team 4 is going to be learning about Comic books and save the best for last team 5 are learning about the 4 wakas, which is Hinemoana, Hokulea, Teaurere and Hikianalia. Also the meaning of it. Our topic for this term is As I see it.

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