Thursday, 3 December 2015

Kawau Island

Image result for kawau island camp bentzonWalt: summarise a week long experience into a recount.Swimming, Playing sports and going Kayaking, yeah i'm Talking about the Year 6’s going to Kawau island. The year 6 students from Pt England school went to Camp bentzon at Kawau Island. Let me tell you all about it. I was nervous because sailing was our first activity. Peter was our Instructor and also the man that runs the whole camp. He was talking about the instructions. Me, Vinolia, Chris, wesley and Hosea got picked to go solo and Talita and Htethtet went together. Me and Vinolia wanted to go together but peter said no. After Chris Demonstrated sailing for us we hopped in our Boats and went.Concourse was amazing because I conquered my fears. My Hand and Legs were shaking really hard. It was my second Favourite because I did different kinds of obstacles like walking on 1 rope with a harness.Kayaking was my 3rd favourite Activity because we went 3 miles from Camp Bentzon to the other Side. I wanted to stop but I had to keep going. I Fell in the middle of our kayaking trip and It was really hard to swim because instead of me going forwards I went backwards.The year 6 camp was So FUN and I  just wish I could go again. I really enjoyed spending time with everyone that was there.   This is my writing about going to Kawau. I learnt how to Write Recounts about where or what i have been doing. I wished that i could go Again.

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