Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Trade Fair

Walt: use language that paints a picture in the mind of our reader.
This Term Our Topic Is Trade and Enterprise. Team 4 has been Creating and Selling the Product they have been Making.
A Trade Fair is when you create your product and start selling It or Order it. You would Get a Chance to See other people Product and if you want you can order it. First You would chose What colour you would want it. Then you can Tell other Information what you want on the product.
There Were 6 different groups The Homeware, Toys, Kitchen, Jewelry, Custom stationery And Music. I was in the Custom Stationery Group and the Product We made was Name Labels. Each Group had to make a product.
There were only 30 minutes because we only had the last Block

we only had 30 minutes to sell and Ordering. Me, Patricia and Waimaria Were in 1 Group. The First 15 Minutes First Me And Patricia had to go Buy and Order what we wanted. Waimaria Would Stay and Make orders For The Kids.
As i Forgot we a having a Big market fair on week 8. I am every excited because we will get to see other kids Products and having FUN!!!.

The task was to write about what happened at the trade fair.
We are learning to use language that paints a picture in the our Reader. I have told you about what happened. Hope You Enjoyed my Writing

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