Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Immersion Assembly Recount

Have you ever had free food at Assembly before? Well It was our first Immersion Assembly of term 2 and . This is how it went down.  Classes 6, 7 and 8 walked in the hall like a normal Assembly. As we were coming in the hall we saw Mrs Nua, Mr Burt, Mrs Garden and Mr Jacobsen backing Mini Pancakes and S’mores. Also there was a drone helicopter.  Isa was controlling the drone helicopter with a phone. Can You Believe that? Wow!    As we were all trying to sit up, There were items from the teams. First Items was team 1, they did healthy food. Carrots, Celery and Sandwiches with different fillings were given out to the kids that were sitting up. As team 2 was up they entertain us with winnie the pooh.  Then it team 3 and then 4. I was so excited when I saw team 4 items. It was about side scroller games, We saw a video of Mr Somerville Walking. My Favourite part was Team 5, the teachers were walking down in lines wearing army clothes. I felt Happy Because the teachers entertain us and some teachers were giving out food.

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